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October '00

10-22-00 / 21:45 Pst / Brock -- Finally! My search is over...
Sorry for not updating, i'll go into detail of the reason why. First of all, I kept the link to on there for a reason, they're hosting me! That's the main reason I haven't updated much. The other is, I've been gone for most of the weekend. I went on a camping trip to Arizona, which is not too far from Vegas. Come-to-think-of-it, let me give you a few pros, and a couple cons for Vegas...


  1. Lots of fun things to do
  2. Hoover Dam
  3. We have our own XFL team
  4. Finally, we have some of the best radio stations out of the whole U.S.

  1. Too many tourists
  2. Very expensive to live here
  3. Finally, Limp Bizkit doesn't like us...

Enough of my bickering... you must know that Gold and Silver came out right? Well if you haven't gotten one yet, Good Luck! You'll need it because stores here are sold out, I don't exactly know your town's stores, but I'd bet there sold out too. Well, i'm done talking now.

10-15-00 / 21:19 Pst / Brock -- Another one bites the dust...
Well, another site gets shut down, due not by Pokémon's dropping popularity, but due to Pokémon site's losing their actual purpose. In English : Most pokémon sites are on the net to get hits and money, however, the real purpose of a website is to give information and entertain, period. I would like to say that my site is actually here for information, and it is, but it't not done yet. ...Anyway, Dragonice, from Frost Cave, has quit the site. It'll still be there, but it will not be updated. I've seen so many sites go out for this, and many other reasons, but it's just sad (not pathetic-sad) to see them stop doing there hobby for such a small reason. Geez, I can barely think of any other sites that went out, one off the top of my head is, I don't exactly know that they went out, but there site isn't there anymore. All that's left is an information thing about how to log into there (no idea why). Another reason that some sites went down is the copyright thing with Nintendo of America. If you haven't heard, Nintendo of America revoked sites with Pokémon names in them. As of now, i've looked at some of the sites that got revoked (kind of...), and most are pretty bad, they suck so much... Anyway, I was off the subject.. but here is the statement of Dragonice :

Hello everyone! On this day of new beginnings, with Pokemon Gold and Silver coming out, another change is coming. I, Dragonice, will no longer be doing Frost Cave. That's right, this is it for Frost Cave. It has been a wonderful year and a half, but I just do not have the time to do the site any more, and I do not feel that I can trust anyone else to run it how I would. Anywayz, I don't want to bore you, so I am just going to quickly run through some things that I have wanted to say for a while.
First, about how Pokemon has changed. When I first started making this site, Pokemon was really fun. The games ruled, the anime was cool, the TCG cards rocked, and most of all the webmasters were nice people that respected each other. But this has all changed. The games still rule (especially Gold and Silver, which officially came out today), but the TV show is not as interesting as before, the cards are over-valued and there are just too many of them, and the webmasters…well…let's just say things have degraded. Instead of the kind, friendly webmasters of a year ago (there are a few left, but only a select few), we know have a bunch of arrogant upstarts that only care about hits, not about their sites or the people that visit them. Personally I think the beginning of the downfall of Pokemon sites was the start of the topsites craze. Pokemon Village and the Pokemon Top 50 have essentially ruined the Pokemon website community. This is because before that hits were nice, but people basically did the sites for fun and they enjoyed talking to the other webmasters and being part of the Pokemon community. But now all they care about is beating the other webmasters in the topsites, and if someone is beating them that they don't like, they accuse them of cheating. How is that fun? All it does is make everyone hate each other. The next thing that has ruined the Pokemon community is the cocky new webmasters. All they are interested in is cussing and acting "cool" because they can throw a bad site together in a few minutes but have everyone praise them. Well memo to you webmasters, you aren't all that. Just because you can make a website does not mean that you are the best thing since the Pokemon Game Boy games. A REAL webmaster cares about his site and the people that visit it, not how awesome he is according to his little counter. Another problem I have with these people is that they have NO MANNERS whatsoever. If I posted just one chat that I've witnessed on AIM, I could ruin the reputation of a TON of webmasters because of the way they act. They cuss, they insult people, and they just generally make fools of themselves. They are also very demanding to webmasters such as myself that have been around for a long time. They will come online, say hi to me, and then demand that I help them with their site or affiliate with them, and if I say I can't, they cuss me out. This is no way for anyone to behave, especially someone who is supposed to be "cool" and who is looked up to by kids that visit your "cool" websites.
To be honest, I am absolutely disgusted with the state of the Pokemon community today. However, I did not post this just to be mean or vicious. I also want to tell you all about some of the fun times I've had as a Pokemon webmaster and what I've learned from it so you can see how it used to be and how it SHOULD be. When I first became a webmaster, the sites of the day were Mt. Moon (later PokeMountain), Seafoam Islands (later PokeAurora), and Pokemon Forest X (the single greatest Pokemon site that the Internet has seen). These sites were all amazing and wonderfully done, but for different reasons. Mt. Moon was a true fansite, and visitors almost got to know Anders, the webmaster, by reading his informative and entertaining news articles. Seafoam Islands was a masterful site that had beautiful graphics (that were actually done by Noble Strife Studios, the owners of Pokemon Forest X). It also had some cool news and a bunch of nice features. Finally, we had the premier Pokemon site of the era, and probably the best site that the web has seen, Pokemon Forest X. It was run by the great Noble Strife Studios, who had awesome drawings and did a wonderful layout. The site was also unique in that it was an online magazine, with monthly articles and designs. It was simply awesome, and I'm really sorry that I didn't discover it until a few weeks before it suddenly shut down. There are many rumors about why it shut down, and no one really knows for sure why it went down, but it did. Soon these three sites went down, but new sites were starting to come up, and this was the second glorious generation. The second-generation sites were some of today's top sites (most of the best sites today are from this generation), and they include this site, Frost Cave, as well as BulbaGarden, PokeMasters, UPNetwork, and Articuno Island. There were a few others that were great for a while but have since gone down, but most of them are dominant today. These sites are all wonderful and they are almost as good as the first generation, but some of them just don't have the same feelings put into them. FC, BMG, and AI have a lot of heart put into them, but lots of the others do not. However, these sties are still wonderful. Then we have the third group of sites, the ones that have come up within the last year. Some of them are good, and some have nice webmasters, but the vast majority of them are greedy and rude and the sites are just there for the webmasters, not for the fans. This is where the Pokemon community started going bad, and it was just downhill from there. The new site are even worse, and now it is to the point where if you don't like rudeness and cursing, you might as well not even go on AIM or ICQ or even check your e-mail. However, even through all this turmoil, a few bright spots shine through. Some are people, some are sites, and some are just plain weird. But to close this letter I am going to post some of the great things about Pokemon as well as some of the not-so-great things.

Huge Props go out to the following:
Good friends - There are many people that have helped me and been very nice to me in the last two and a half years. Some of them I'm still friend with, some of them I'm not, but they were all important to me at one point or another. In no particular order, I want to give huge props to the following people: Bubbles from, Bulbasaur from, Arti Cuno from, BabyMew, Yuffie, Pichu from, LunaYoshi, Jaxel from (for hosting, nothing else…), Dragochu, Freakachu (3.14!), Liam, Garry, Cferra, Sinko, Marril, Kojirou, Dewgong (PIE!), Charmarril, Machamp, T16 Incom, Pikachuu, Jensen, Anders, The Pokemon Forest X peepz, Warfox, Charm, PWO Dratini/Matrix, James, TroyPoke, Izzy, Kat, Athena, Scrubb from the original, Peanutz, Pokeguy, Ryan, PikaMew, Xtreme363 (if you are reading this, please contact me man), Khuffie, Dragosaur, Tonberry, Kuraden, Trunks Deedlit, Trunks Yume, T-Wave (limited props for you tho…), GamingZ, Ash Skylark, Chilly, Slimu, PokeGarden, Mario-64, Kebie, ANT Blastoise, JigglyTown Girl, and anyone else who I forgot, mah bad.
Good Pokemon Sites - Pokemon Forest X, Seafoam Islands/PokeAurora, Mt. Moon/PokeMountain, BulbaGarden, Caterpie Forest, Articuno Island, PokeMasters, UPNetwork, Pokemon Village, Just-Pichu, Pokemon Crater, Pokemon Center, PokeGarden, Pikachuu, ThePokeLand, Pokemon Stadium X, HydroPump Fusion, PikaShock, PsyPoke...sorry if I forgot someone.
Good Non-Pokemon Sites - Nintendorks,, Nintendojo, IGN64, Perfectly Dark, Pdark, HTLOZ, RareNet, New Wave, PrimaGames, OtakuHQ,,

ZERO Props go out to the following:
People - Animeland, Rattata from Rattata's Rant
Pokemon Sites - Pokemon Top 50, Pokemon Village Topsites, Rattata's Rant
Non-Pokemon Sites -, Pojo,, any of the crappy official Pokemon sites, and a few that I will not mention here...sorry...
NOTE: There are more but I don't want to single too many people out.

On a personal note, I want to say I'm sorry that AGN did not come out, everyone is really missing one awesome layout that Pokeguy made for it, but who knows, it may show up somewhere else later so I'm not going to make it public. Same goes for FC's awesome new layout that I've had for months now but haven't put up. Sorry.
Finally, I just want to say that I've had great time, but it is time for me to move on to bigger and better things on the 'Net, as well as concentrate on school and my real life (yes I have one!) Thank you to everyone who has been cool to me along the way, I won't forget you, and I will even come online and visit every once in a while. Thanx again, and enjoy the rest of your day.
One more may not have seen the last of me (I'm now helping at BulbaGarden and still work at Articuno Island) or Frost Cave, but for now...


I know it's long, but it's very important for every webmaster to know how to actually run a website, and to know why they started a website in the first place.

10-11-00 / 23:13 Pst / Brock -- A message board is found!!!
Well, first of all, I got the update box up. Looks good, don't ya think? Oh, most importantly, I found a message board that was cheap. It didn't cost my a dime, (so begins the various variations of zero), zero, zilch, notta, nothing, zip, zippo, negative, no money, broke, zilch (I said that already, huh?...), absolute zero (did you know that on a Celcius scale, absolute zero is -273°? ...neither did I). Oh, right, uh... I need some board moderators for the ubb, so sign up and ask me to be one. Ummm... the chat is almost ready, just need to configure some miscellaneous things. Lastly, I still need staff and affiliates.

10-9-00 / 18:04 Pst / Brock -- New, better, and improved sponsors...
As you can see, I have gotten some new sponsors. EAds bailed out on all of it's customers, so I'm with Dime Clicks now! :) I updated some more pages, like the Red and Blue Walkthru. It's not done yet, but soon it'll be complete. Same goes for Gold and Silver, Pokémon League Puzzle, etc... Not much news as usual, but Gold and Silver is just upon us. Just a week away!!! :) ^_^. Lastly, the Update-Box will be here in the next update.

10-7-00 / 17:09 Pst / Brock -- Finished a lot more pages...
I finished like 10 more pages, so all that's left is to finish is Games, Animé, and Multimedia. I still need more affiliates and I could use some staff. The DBZ site, is set to open New Year's Day, so look forward to that. Hmmm... the pokémon scene seems real slow for the last 5 months or so... but everything should speed up when Gold and Silver come out. Even though, Pokémon League Puzzle came out, it didn't help much. Last, but not least, check out some of the newly added sections. Oh, wait, before you go, on the main page, I'll post an Update box, that will show everything I've updated on that day.

10-4-00 / 22:26 Pst / Brock -- Erg... I have aboslutely no time anymore...
School is taking up way too much of my time. Well, I updated a couple more pages and added stuff to the Webmaster area. I've hit the big 10,000 mark, that means more opportunities for the site. Erg... I can't stay here long, so I'll make it short and sweet. I want to here some feedback, mostly on the new layout compared to the last one. Also, some of my affiliates are quiting their sites, so that means more spots are open. I will accept and sites from the categories at the right. More, info in the Affiliate section. One last order of business, the DBZ site will be set to open on January 1, 2001. Again, it'll take so long because I want to get most of the information before I post the site. Oh and it's probably going to take longer than this one because of the fact that I have to finish this one as well. If you want to know anything about the new DBZ site, e-mail me. If you noticed, I got a domain, "". It's a redirect because I just wanted to reserve it ^_^. If you have any questions on anything, e-mail me!

September '00

09-24-00 / 16:14 Pst / Brock -- Sorry about being late...
Something came up and I had no time to put it up, but right now I am. Most of the misc. links work, but the Games sections do not. I'm still developing the site for another server so this also might take awhile. I am almost at 10,000 hits, so keep coming, this site will be updated a lot!

August '00

08-18-00 / 20:31 Pst / Brock -- Welcome
Hello, welcome to the new and improved, Cloud City. A part of Animé Net. Right now we are just starting the new layout, but hold tight until September 23, when we unveil it to the public! :)